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There exists an excessive number of rear-end collisions in high speed roads that could be stopped.

Did you know that 43% of road accidents or even 15% of personal injury accidents are linked to a rear-end collision?

Failure to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles is one of the major causes of highway accidents.

Insufficient distances are often unintentional or the effect of a temporary irritation and sometimes just needs a kindly reminder so that the driver can get back on track.

Do you think that vehicles following you are at a sufficient distance for you to not feel threatened?


We propose : Spacing Angels

Our value proposition is an on-board educational radar to dissuade drivers who follow too closely.
Our primary goal is to allow drivers to get back on track in a benevolent way by informing them about the risk taken that they do not measure appropriately.

However, a reminder at a fixed location is not enough, but a reminder at the right times is.

A patent has been filed (with an international extension) to protect the innovation.


A stand-alone smart box attached to the rear glass of the vehicle using suction cups.

The box is composed of a camera with telephoto lens, an electronic control unit and a display screen.

The box is controlled by a mobile phone application.

Our product

proto vun.png

How does it work ?

The device projects at regular intervals the icon of a video surveillance camera surrounded by a red square.

Once the car has surpassed a certain speed, if the car behind is too close, the icon of the 2 cars is projected with the distance between them in miles (or meters) and seconds.

In addition, if the distance goes under a critical threshold (high chance of collision), the box displays the distance in an alarming mode.

Simple mode

Alarming mode (4).gif (2).gif
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