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How much place does the device take? Does it interfere with the vision of the rear window?

The box is composed of a 5'12in x 5'12in display screen, a camera with its telephoto lens and a electronic control unit. Thanks to its size and position behind the rear passenger's headrest, the box allows the driver to keep a perfect visibility of the back of the vehicle.

What incentives would encourage you to adopt the system?

We are actively seeking to work with insurers to become a recommended solution for the protection of private vehicles (price reduction).

In addition, we are also looking for agreements with highway companies which the device will make safer (reduction on electronic toll badges).

Is the device legal? Does it respect privacy and image rights?

The images taken by the device's camera are erased after being processed; they can be kept blurred and/or encrypted for quality control reasons.

The use of the device is therefore in compliance with the GDPR rules and the Data Protection Act.

What is the impact of the device on the vehicles behind?

The device is entirely pedagogical and is not connected to a police denunciation network. Its objective is to protect the user by reframing the following driver's behavior.​

The vast majority of drivers who see the warning messages will adapt a conciliatory attitude. However, the vehicle equipped with the device should avoid exposing itself to unnecessary risks. Thus, it is always recommended to indicate with your lights if you want the vehicle behind to overtake you.

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