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About Baucher Etudes & Conseils

Saving lives through connected devices

Conceived in 2020, Spacing Angels is an innovative idea that aims to save thousands of lives by reducing rear end car accidents using an educational dissuasive device that promotes safe distancing on the road.

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Our goal

Born in 2020, Baucher Etudes & Conseils is a start-up focused on designing and studying innovative solutions for road safety. 

Our goal is to protect people by implementing these innovative and caring solutions that explore the potential of the internet of things.

We work earnestly to become big players in the industry of the future of mobility to find ways to increasy road safety.

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Our product 

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We make vehicles smarter by making road users' journeys safer with our new invention: Spacing Angels!

​Spacing Angels has the ability to save lives beyond our borders. Thus, we have filed an international patent in order to extend this innovation in all countries where it is applicable.

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A short but intense history; our genesis dating back to 2018, our team is already thinking about its activities in 5 or 10 years!

Multiple innovations are yet to be developed and enhanced.
Here is a summary of the most significant events since our creation.

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Our ecosystem

The birth of an innovative product requires the right place and the right people. Click here to meet the team and the partners that work hard to make Spacing Angels an international success.

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